Sex Does Not Always Sell

Eva Mendes
Billboard Porn?
Marky Mark

Calvin Klein's obsession with naked women

The audience of this advertisement is obviously men. The mood is provocative and sexual and the basic design is a naked woman. The medium used is a photograph which definitely grabs the attention of the audience. Black and white tones are used in this photograph. The picture is very seductive and the advertisement as a whole uses pathos to appeal to the audience's emotion.



The black and white tones and the naked woman lying on the couch help exaggerate the use of pathos. The ad arouses sensual emotions in men because of the attractive woman in the picture. The use of this kind of sexual appeal for the advertisement is ridiculous. Cologne does not sexually arouse a man, therefore, the ad should not either. The naked woman on the couch has nothing to do with smelling good. Sure, if a man smells good it may make them desirable to a woman, but this advertisement is a little far fetched. The mood of the advertisement is ineffective because it does not help sell the product, it only arouses sensual feelings in a man.