Billboard Porn?

Sex Does Not Always Sell

Eva Mendes
Billboard Porn?
Marky Mark

Out in the open for everyone, young and old, to see


This billboard targets everyone as its audience. It can be seen by anyone just walking or driving by. The claim or the message that the billboard seems to send out is that by wearing Calvin Klein jeans you will be more desirable. The mood/voice is obviously sexual.
Once again, there is not a lot of visual text on the billboard. Themes presented are sex, desire, and seduction.

This billboard ad is ineffective because the themes and content have absolutely nothing to do with the product being advertised. There is no reason why an advertisement for a pair of jeans should be so provocative.
The logic behind the claim is untrue. Just because you slip on a pair of Calvin Klein jeans does not mean you will magically become desirable to every man or woman you meet. It does not work like that.
Not only is the billboard ineffective, it is morally wrong. There is a difference between putting this ad in a magazine that only certain types of people read, Vogue for example, and placing this ad in the middle of a busy city. Children should not be introduced to photographs like this on a daily basis. Their minds are way too innocent and vulnerable.
It could even be argued that this billboard could be considered pornography. The definition of pornography is: obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, esp. those having little or no artistic merit. The photograph on the billboard is meant to sell jeans, not to be artistic. So, by definition, the billboard is pornography.