Eva Mendes

Sex Does Not Always Sell

Eva Mendes
Billboard Porn?
Marky Mark

A familiar face does a Calvin Klein lingerie shoot

These Eva Mendes ads were found in Vogue Magazine along with all over the internet.

The audience of Vogue magazine usually includes women, in their twenties and thirties, who enjoy fashion. The claim of the advertisements is to convince women that, by wearing this bra, they will be sexy like Eva Mendes.
The mood of both ads is very sexy and exotic. The design includes the photographs as the main medium. The photos are seductive, glamorous, and provocative.
There is not any written text besides the name of the product and model.
Themes suggested by the ads are seduction, glamour, sex, beauty, and boldness.



These ads are ineffective and way too sexual. The pictures of Eva Mendes appeal to the wrong audience - they would most likely catch the eye of a man before a woman. The problem with that is the fact that the product is being advertised to women. Men do not buy lingerie or bras.
The claim could also be argued as ineffective because it is saying that any woman can look like Eva Mendes if they buy that bra, and there is no proof to back that up. Most women want to look sexy in their underwear but the reality is that no one has a perfect body. Most women do not look like Eva Mendes. The pictures are way too provocative and are not attractive to women.
Finally, there are no words to explain why the product is important. The advertisements would be more effective if they had some reasoning why the audience should purchase their product.